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TECH Property Risk
Our CHRONOS Underwriters TECH Risk Product brings your company cost-effective insurance solutions addressing the unique hazards that exist in your industrial & manufacturing facilities. Across a broad range of classes we bring a wealth of risk engineering experience to the underwriting process coupled with secure per risk & catastrophe capacity.

Target Classes

Plastics Manufacturing:
Extrusion, Blowmolding, Rubber mixing, Recycling (download questionnaire)

Paperworking & Printing Operations:
Carton/bag converting, Newsprint & High Gloss
Printing, Recycling (download questionnaire)

Woodworking:Furniture, Cabinetry, Lumber Yard (download questionnaire)

Textile & Cloth Working: Synthetic, Natural Fiber spinning, Clothworking, Dyeing, Tannery (download questionnaire)

Metalworking & Machine Shops: Fabrication, Auto Parts, Machinery, Forging, Stamping,
Molding, Casting (download questionnaire)

Food Processing: Prepared Foods, Dairy, Bakery, Meat Processing, Candy & Confectionery, Cold Storage (download questionnaire)

Electronics & Electrical Equipment Assembly: Audio/Video equipment assembly, electrical gear, medical instrumentation (download questionnaire)

Mineral Products: Concrete, Stone, Glass, Brick and Clay (download questionnaire)

Specialty Chemical Processing: Inorganic and organic mix/blend or mild reaction conditions (download questionnaire)

Paint Manufacturing: Latex and acrylic-based, lacquers, varnishes, dye blending & packaging (download questionnaire)

Warehouses: All products above stored (download questionnaire)

Loss Questionnaire:
TECH Risk Questionnaire-LOSS

Vacant Questionnaire: TECH Vacant Questionnaire

Security Available: Lloyds, Renaissance Reinsurance (RenRe), QBE, Steadfast,
Princeton E&S (more details)

Excluded Risks: Underground Mining, Over water structures

Geographical Specialty: United States risks with incidental non-US exposure

Target TIV: $10M to $500M

Target Account Limit:
Up to $250M Per Risk for protected risks

Minimum Deductible: $5,000 (Scaled for Account/Risk Size)

Minimum Account Premium: $25,000

Send all submissions to
See downloads for specimen forms, questionnaires, product descriptions
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