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Chronos Underwriters

Submission Information

The following documents are provided for our producers’ convenience. They are designed to help the producer identify pertinent information to include in the submission and allows CHRONOS Underwriters to quickly route risks to the correct underwriting teams. Utilization of these documents and tools results in a clearance process that is streamlined and more efficient.

Remember, quotes cannot be extended nor re-quoted. It is critical that the correct inception date is submitted.

To submit risks to CHRONOS Underwriters:

General Telephone:   281-803-6475
Toll Free:   888-919-8142
Submission Notice – Time Zone

Organization and Submission Guideline

Tools for Completing SOV

SOV, Excel Template (compatible with MSExcel 2007, 2010)

SOV, Excel Template (compatible with MSExcel 97-2003)

Clearance Procedure

Broker of Record Procedure

Claims History/Loss Run Request Procedures

Target / non-Target Accounts

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