Chronos Underwriters   

Chronos Underwriters

A cornerstone of our business plan is to provide a strong wind product our producers "can't live without". Along with this dedicated product, we believe a critical aspect of CHRONOS Underwriters' success is our partnership with a short list of key producers in the wind market. This speeds up and improves the quality of our risk transactions; thereby providing a better financial value to our Exclusive Agents and Insureds.

In addition, we have established Broker Relationship Managers whose job it is to maintain communication lines and negotiations. They are committed to providing dedicated service to our producers and promoting an exceptional product in a competitive marketplace.

CHRONOS Underwriters works to offer innovative terms, with competitive deductibles and broad coverages.

Exclusive Agents Advantages
Creates valuable incentives for top performing producers (i.e., longer lead time for risk submission, potential for greater comissions)
Accounts worked in order of the producer's Exclusive Agent status
Allows producers to be more focused on meeting the needs of the insureds
Improves speed of business transactions by channeling submissions and assigning risks more quickly
For complete guidelines please visit our Exclusive Agents page here on the website.

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