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General Property

CHRONOS Underwriters has unparalleled CAT capacity of $300 million per risk and provides a single transaction solution to meet the coverage needs of your middle-market commercial property risks. We specifically target favorable secondary wind underwriting characteristics such as new roof coverings, strapped roofs, hip roofs or huricanne shutters.

Target Risks: General property including lessors risk, retail, offices and mercantile

Excluded Risks: Pre 1987, ISO 1-3, waterfront occupancies; ISO 1-6 waterfront hotels; Structural renovations; EIFS cladding

Geographical Specialty: Wind-exposed throughout U.S.

Target TIV: $5M to $2.5B*

*AmRisc National Accounts Team handles general property risks with TIV more than $50M at key location or account TIV greater than $300M

Maximum Account Limit: Up to $300M per Risk, Generally Full Limit

Minimum Deductible:
Typically $2,500 - $10,000  AOP 2-5% per Bldg Named Wind/Hail

Minimum Account Premium: $25,000

Risks should be emailed to

Habitational CAT Application
Habitational NON-CAT Application
If All Risk Coverage is requested in addition to Named Storm Wind Coverage, then this property specific application addresses non-catastrophic type exposures and must also accompany the application.
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