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Chronos Underwriters
Builders Risk
At CHRONOS Underwriters, we apply underwriting expertise to all types of commercial property in the course of construction to provide you with competitive coverage for your clients’ unique insurance needs.

Target Risks: Commercial and residential projects up to 36 months including annual homebuilders, commercial habitational, retail, public buildings, hotels/motels.

Excluded Risks: Structural Renovations, petrochemical, utility or engineered risks (bridges, dams, levies).

Target TIV: $1M to $250M

Capacity: Up to $150M per location.

Minimum Deductible: $2,500 AOP, 2%-5% NS Wind/Hail

Geographical Territory: Coverage Available throughout the United States for Residential or Commercial Properties.

Highlights: Coverage for Soft Costs, Permission to Occupy, Flood and Quake (exc CA),
Reporting Forms, and Mid-term projects.

Minimum Account Premium: $20,000

Risks should be emailed to

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