Chronos Underwriters   

Chronos Underwriters

Our web-based platform allows producers to quickly quote and bind commercial accounts under $7.5M TIV. From the Online dashboard, producers enter risk and mapping information, obtain immediate multiple-option quotes, send bind requests, and manage their production. Our producers and the Online platform are supported by a team of experienced Underwriters who can assist with unique risk, quote or platform questions.

Target Risks: General property including lessors risk, retail, offices and mercantile.

Excluded Risks:
  • Florida residential condo associations
  • Casinos
  • Industrial/manufacturing and aircraft hangar risks
  • Risks located in Monroe County
  • EIFS
  • Protection Classes 8, 9, 10
  • Risks >100 miles from coast
  • Contents/I&B/BI/Rents only risks

Geographical Specialty: Properties located ½ mile to 100 miles of coastline (from Texas to Georgia)

Target TIV: Up to $7.5M TIV

AmRisc Online Advantages
  • No broker clearance
  • No Zip Code “shutdowns”
  • Quotes 24/7
  • Easy to generate and compare term options
  • Import SOV or enter building data manually
  • Request to Bind response usually within 24 hours (1 business day)
  • Boosts Elite Producer Points as only binder counts as a submission

Click Here for full listing of eligible risks.

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